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TuxRun support some tests, each tests is supported on some but not all architectures.

Listing tests

You can list the supported tests with:

tuxrun --list-tests

FVP devices

Device Tests Parameters
fvp-morello-android binder USERDATA
fvp-morello-android bionic USERDATA, GTEST_FILTER*
fvp-morello-android compartment USERDATA
fvp-morello-android device-tree
fvp-morello-android dvfs
fvp-morello-android lldb LLDB_URL, TC_URL
fvp-morello-android logd USERDATA
fvp-morello-android multicore
fvp-morello-oe fwts

Passing parameters

In order to pass parameters, use tuxrun --parameters USERDATA=http://.../userdata.tar.xz

Default parameters

GTEST_FILTER is optional and defaults to


QEMU devices

Device Tests
qemu-* command
qemu-* kunit*
qemu-* ltp-fcntl-locktests
qemu-* ltp-fs_bind
qemu-* ltp-fs_perms_simple
qemu-* ltp-fsx
qemu-* ltp-nptl
qemu-* ltp-smoke

KUnit config

In order to run KUnit tests, the kernel should be compiled with

The modules.tar.xz should be given with --modules https://.../modules.tar.xz.