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TuxRun outputs

TuxRun allows to record the outputs and results.


By default, TuxRun will output the logs on the standard output. It's possible to record the logs as yaml in a file with:

tuxrun --device qemu-armv5 --log-file-yaml logs.yaml

TuxRun can also extract the device output and save the logs as either html or text:

tuxrun --device qemu-armv5 --log-file-html logs.html --log-file-text logs.txt


When running the tests, TuxRun is recording the results of each individual tests. The file can be dumped on the file system as json:

tuxrun --device qemu-armv5 --results results.json


TuxRun can collect and dump to the filesystem every outputs with:

tuxrun --device qemu-mips32 --save-outputs

Every outputs will be saved into ~/.cache/tuxrun/tests/<test-id>/.

You can override specific file path with the corresponding option. To record outputs and keep printing logs to stdout:

tuxrun --device qemu-mips32 --save-outputs --log-file -

Save output into another directory use --cache-dir /abs/or/rel/path/to/output/dir. The output will be stored in /abs/or/rel/path/to/output/dir/tests/<test-id>/.

tuxrun --device qemu-mips32 --save-outputs --cache-dir /abs/or/rel/path/to/output/dir --log-file -